Evan Gemmel is eBurner. He is a fourth-generation Austinite, born into a family that surrounded him with a variety of music: classical, pop, rhythm and blues, hard rock, progressive rock, classic rock, blues, hip-hop, and electronic.

At age 7, he was inspired to pick up the violin and begin private lessons. Soon after, he took an interest in guitar, at which time he first learned classical guitar, but his private lesson teacher asked him to learn songs by Radiohead. During his middle school years, eBurner picked up bass guitar and piano on his own. Around this time, he started his first rock band, in which he learned to play the drums. In between all of this development, eBurner tinkered with music software programs, creating electronic music outside of school obligations and aside from band material. Upon his final years in high school, his violin teacher recommended he study Composition, since he had a knack for improvisation as well as not following traditional instruction.  

Evan studied Violin Performance and Composition at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY, and he graduated in 2012. He also studied abroad, for Music Technology at Kingston University in the UK in the Spring of 2011. After completing his degree, he returned home to a fast-growing Austin, where he began to rekindle his musical roots and compose his debut album, Moments. eBurner's style of music can be described with influences of rock, jazz, hip-hop/rap, world, drum and bass, jungle, deep house, two-step, and R&B; and many of his tracks are embellished with live instruments. For his audience, Evan hopes to achieve a sense of enlightenment, by using cerebral and intricate electronic tones, motivating themes in his lyrics, and exotic instrumentation to represent nomadic aspirations.